Leather upholstery in Brighton, East Sussex

Leather furniture is a classy and beautiful addition to any home and generally lasts a long time.  But there are situations where it can become marked, scratched or damaged.  This doesn’t mean you have to recycle it and get something new however because we offer a leather upholstery service for all of East Sussex that includes repairs, renovations and reupholstery.

Leather upholstery Brighton

Our Services

  • Leather upholstery repairs
  • Experts in furniture repair and renovation
  • All types of leather furniture handled
  • Antique and heirloom experience
  • Reupholstery services if needed

Remove marks and scratches

One thing with leather is that it can be prone to picking up marks and scratches.  From animals jumping up to metal buttons or zips on clothing, there are all kinds of random ways that furniture can be marked.  But the good news is that often these marks can be expertly removed and there are no scars in sight afterwards.  We have an experienced team who can work on any type of leather furniture to give it the facelift it needs or simply repair those little marks that build up over time.

Reupholstery services

Sometimes the problems are a bit more severe than just the odd rip or scratch.  That’s where our reupholstery services come in.  We can take on a complete reupholstery project that involves removing the existing leather material and adding a new version to the whole piece.  We can also handle all those little problems that come with leather furniture including awkward shapes, deep-set buttons and rivets.  Our comprehensive experience means we can repair and replace them all.

While we are happy to work on modern furniture, we are also specialist in antique and heirloom leather furniture.  If you have picked up a piece of antique furniture or inherited something from a family member, we can renovate it to match with other furniture you own while keeping its own personality intact.

Upholsterers in Brighton

"So pleased with the excellent work done in recovering my sofa and chair. Absolutely perfect! Very efficient and friendly team and quick delivery of items when work completed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Button Upholstery."



At Button Upholstery we have over 85 years of experience delivering perfection every time when it comes to upholstering. We can update your favourite furniture and take it from tattered and dull to pristine, chic and fashionable. Don't let your favourite furniture wear down and lose its charm. Email buttonupholstery@yahoo.co.uk or call 01273 688 777 today.