How Do You Choose the Best Fabric for Your Sofa?

If you have furniture that you love, it is very sad to see it wear over time or suffer from damage that could mean it is no longer up to the job.  It can seem like the only option is to take it to the landfill and buy a new one, but this isn’t the case – what you need is an expert in furniture restorations in Brighton.

A furniture restoration service or reupholstery is where the fabric is replaced on the sofa along with some other checks to ensure it is solid.  But how do you know what is the best fabric to have on your ‘new’ sofa?

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What is upholstery?

Upholstery is the materials that make up sofas, chairs and other types of furniture.  This includes the fabric, padding, springs and webbing.  The process is an old one, dating back to the Middle Ages but the types of fabric and systems used have changed a lot since then!  Today, there are a range of different materials available for sofa covering in Brighton that allow you to choose the perfect option.

How to pick the best fabric

When you work with an expert in fabric and leather recovering in Brighton, they will be able to walk you through the process of choosing the best fabric.  But here are a few of the considerations they will use to help you with this process.

Do you have kids or pets (or both!)?

One of the first questions is always about who is in the house and using the furniture.  If you have kids or pets or both, then you are going to want something sturdy and able to cope with those accidents or those claws.  That’s why fine textured materials like silk are a no-go but things like faux suede, distressed leather and some of the indoor-outdoor fabrics can be ideal.

If the answer is no, then you can go with something more luxurious.  Silk and linen are two of the high-quality fabrics that are great for pieces that won’t receive as much use.  You can even encounter things like Tibetan wool!

What works with the piece?

The other big factor to consider when looking at upholstery is the piece of furniture itself.  One concept is the age of it and the style of fabric you choose – a very modern fabric might not look right on an antique piece of furniture.

But it can go further than that.  For example, furniture with lots of curves can look better with solid coloured fabrics rather than patterns as the shape makes these look a little overpowering.  Solid colours or neutrals can work best for larger sofas while something patterned can be great for chairs.

Work with your expert

By working with an expert in upholstery you can balance the requirements of the furniture with what works best for your needs to get the right finish.  That way it will last for the longest time and look stunning – and there’s no need to be buying a new piece!

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